Developer Notes


You can benchmark the effect on performance of your commits using the script perf/perf.jl.

First, checkout and benchmark the master branch:

julia> include("perf.jl")

julia> df = run_benchmarks()

# observe results
julia> for g in groupby(df, :layer); println(g, "\n"); end

julia> @save "perf_master_20210803_mymachine.jld2" dfmaster=df

Now checkout your branch and do the same:

julia> df = run_benchmarks()

julia> @save "perf_pr_20210803_mymachine.jld2" dfpr=df

Finally, compare the results:

julia> @load "perf_master_20210803_mymachine.jld2"

julia> @load "perf_pr_20210803_mymachine.jld2"

julia> compare(dfpr, dfmaster)